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Are your Halloween costumes always boring, lacking in that something special? Halloween is a time to embrace your imagination, take a walk on the wild side and literally step into someone else’s shoes for a night. Clubs have contests for the best costumes and some neighbors get pretty intense trying to earn bragging rights. Make this Halloween rock out by going with a Jack Sparrow costume.

Jack Sparrow is more than a pirate; he’s the essential free spirit and a closet romantic. Easy with the ladies, he is charismatic and enigmatic. He exhibits slightly effeminate characteristics that are completely at odds with the way ladies are drawn to him. While he comes across as a player in his own right, he works behind the scenes to try and help true love succeed in the budding romance of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. His comedic nature is offset by an intense gaze that assures you his brain never stops working and the slightly confused mannerisms are nothing more than an impressive act. Finally, a pirate through and through, Jack is always interested in more rum, and his exaggerated stagger portrays that.

A Captain Jack Sparrow costume is the perfect choice for any adult man looking for an awesome Halloween choice. But Jack isn’t limited to adults; kids enjoying dressing as the foppish Jack Sparrow, also. You can choose a Jack Sparrow Halloween costume in several sizes including toddlers, children, men and even women. Regardless of your age or gender, there is a Jack Sparrow Halloween costume for you.

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Authentic Jack Sparrow Costume

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Our Recommendation! Authentic Captain Jack Sparrow Costume!

You’ll look like Johnny Depp’s body double when you wear this Realistic Caribbean Pirate Costume! This is an authentic looking pirate costume for men that is very reminiscent of Depp’s character Jack Sparrow in the popular movie franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean. Start practicing your pirate squawk and get ready to set sail on The Black Pearl while you are wearing this high-quality costume. Now pass me the rum!

Deluxe Adult Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

Licensed by Disney and designed for teens and adults, this costume has everything you need to transform yourself into the amazing and curious Captain Jack Sparrow. Featuring the brown jacket with a blue vest and pirate shirt, the chest belt with buckle and striped fabric sash are included. The two belts with brown pants are featured, along with boot covers that will transform your comfortable shoes into pirate boots. The hat with beaded braids will complete the look; you just have to add in the animal magnetism.

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

Captain Jack Sparrow Adult Costume

For around 100 dollars the jacket, shirt with attached vest and chest belt are all included in this costume.

The belts with buckles, pirate pants and boot covers for transforming your shoes are all featured in this excellent Jack Sparrow Costume.

The hat and his fabric sash are part of the entire set. Add Jack’s makeup, a toy sword, a pirate wig and a beaded goatee and you will have an impressive costume that resembles Jack Sparrow.

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Size: One Size
Special: Shoes/sword are not included
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Size: One Size, 42-46
Special: Shoes/sword are not included

Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Teen and Adult Costume

Jack doesn’t always wear the dressy waistcoat in the movies, and neither do you have to. This costume features Jack in his more casual clothes, the waistcoat left behind for the moment. The shirt with attached vest, striped sash, double belts, boot covers and pirate pants are all included. The hat with attached beaded braids is part of the costume, as well. Add a toy pirate sword, some Jack Sparrow makeup and the steamy stare that Jack is so well known for and you will have a rocking Halloween costume.

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Same Costume Without Hat

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Captain Jack Sparrow Prestige Child 10-12

Captain Jack is more than a pirate hat and beard. To be an effective and believable Jack Sparrow, you need the hat and headband complete with Jack’s signature beaded braids. His waistcoat, the tall boots, double belts and classic fabric sash are all integral parts of who Jack is, and no costume is complete without them. This kids Jack Sparrow costume features all of those items plus the shirt with an attached vest and the belt that is worn across the chest. Available in sizes ranging from 4-6 all the way to 14-16, this costume will make your child look and feel like Captain Jack himself. Intense gaze and constant smirk are not included.

Captain Jack Sparrow Child Deluxe

This kids Jack Sparrow costume features everything your teenager needs to become the enigmatic Captain. The shirt with attached vest also comes with his famous sash and the double belts.

Boot covers transform any standard shoe into a pirate boot and the hat features the necessary bandana and classic beaded braids. Available in several sizes, this outfit includes everything but the sultry look and the dazed walk.

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